A backpack with a hood

Are you tired of getting wet while you’re walking across campus to get to your classes? There’s now a solution that is functional for holding your books and supplies and for keeping you dry. A backpack with a hood features a secure hood that is attached to the top of the bag. You can cinch the hood so that it’s secure while you’re wearing it and fold the hood when it’s not being used. The soft material of the hood makes it comfortable to wear, but there is an inner liner that keeps water from getting on your while you’re walking in the rain.

Even if it’s not raining, you can use the hood to keep your head warm when it’s cold outside or to block out the wind. You can pull the hood over your head when your backpack is full so that there’s more support for your back. It’s a good option to have with you when it suddenly starts raining while you’re at school or if don’t have an umbrella with you. The neutral color of the backpack makes it a good option for both males and females who want to stay dry.