A hook-on desk for your balcony

Sometimes, you just need life to be a little easier for you, especially if your work all day or take care of your family and home all day. Hang small tools and metallic items that tend to get lost on your walls with magnetic stickers. If you like to sit outside, then put a hook-on desk on your balcony so that you can get fresh air while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature as you browse on your computer, read a book, or write.

You don’t have to forget the ideas and the things that you need to do while you’re in the shower if you have a waterproof notepad on the wall. Keep your head protected from the rain and the wind while you’re at school or going back and forth to work with a backpack that has a hood. The hood is insulated to keep your head warm as well. When you’re done using the hood, you can fold it so that it doesn’t take up any additional space while you’re carrying your bag to your different classes. Don’t lose your place in a book again by using a thumb page holder. It slips on your thumb so that you can keep track of the line you’re on while you’re reading.