Clean your office the night before

Whether you work from home or work away from home, you can clean your office the night before. Here are several easy steps that will help with this project. First get a trash can and a recycling bin and do some purging. This will get rid of any unnecessary and unwanted paperwork.

The next step is to find a place for everything in your office. Once you do this, your office will be clear of clutter and will be organized.

• Then, develop a filing system.
• Select folders from your supply cabinet and organize them by subject, date or document in a file cabinet.
• Whenever any kind of paper comes to your desk, throw it out or file it.

Another step that will help is to organize the documents in your computer. Organize them according to date, subject or category. Create a hierarchy before you move your documents. Then, as you go, begin moving your documents.
In addition, reduce your paper clutter in your file cabinet by discarding outdated documents.

• To make this job go easier, schedule a time during the day to check your paperwork.
• Only get rid of outdated material.

Most importantly, an office that is cluttered is an office that is inefficient and messy. To get rod pf clutter, file necessary paperwork, organize computer files and put paperwork back where it belongs.

To conclude, once you have cleaned up and organized your office, you will not only feel energized, you will also feel embolden to keep it that way.