Forget 8 Hours: How to Make the Most of the Sleep You Can Get

You might not be able to get eight straight hours of sleep every night, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still get good sleep. No matter how long you have before you need to get up in the morning, you can get some quality sleep by following the advice below.

Go to bed feeling relaxed. Do what you can to put your stress and worries off of your mind before you climb in bed. When you go to bed feeling relaxed, your sleep will be much higher quality.
Make sure you sleep at the right temperature. Adjust your thermostat so that you are comfortable the whole night through.
Use white noise if it will help. Turn on a fan for noise or download some white noise sounds. Do what you can to make your room as comforting and comfortable as possible so that you can sleep well.

It might take a bit of time to figure out what the right sleep routine is for you, but once you figure it out, you will start getting higher quality sleep. And, when you are getting higher quality sleep, the number of hours you get won’t matter so much.