Stick to your schedule

Staying on schedule, for some, is hard to do; however, there are several easy steps that can help such as giving full attention to what you are doing at the time. Then, create deadlines that are realistic. If a project is going to take longer than other projects, set a time when you expect to be finished.

It is also important to avoid distractions; give full attention to the task at hand. If your mind begins to wander, force yourself to return to the immediate task. Keep focused on your schedule; check now and then on your progress.

• Check to see what is coming up in the next hour and then the next three to four hours.
• This will keep your schedule on track.
• When possible, take care of the more difficult tasks early on; save the less complex tasks for later.

Most importantly, schedule your work and recreation in the same area. This will keep your day balanced and in focus.

• For example, if you have a meeting with someone, schedule that meeting in your work area.
• By keeping your tasks and meetings in one area you can keep an eye on your important projects and deadlines and allow yourself time to relax.
• It will help get your work done in a timely manner.

To conclude, staying on schedule, for some, is hard to do; however, by implementing a few easy steps, you can stick with your schedule and get your work done in time.